Hello! I'm so glad that you're here. I'm Sherrie, formerly of Twenty-two Pleasant. By way of introduction, our little family moved a few months ago to what I think is the most beautiful property in the most beautiful part of the world. We've (almost) completely renovated a farmhouse built around 1850, and are settling into our new routines as keepers of bees and chickens. My heart is happiest when I'm in the kitchen, making something, or down at the barn communing with my ladies (the hens). I've been a soapmaker for over a decade, and can often be found concocting something unorthodox in the kitchen. By day, I'm a teacher of students with visual impairments. My husband Adam who may occasionally post here as well, is a photographer and works from home. My hope is that through your visit here, you will be inspired to appreciate your own surroundings, wherever you may be. So make yourself at home, and welcome! I'll put the tea on.